Yukon party leadership campaign

Brad Cathers
MLA for Lake Laberge
Yukon Party Leadership Candidate


December 10, 2019

Working with Health Professionals as Part of Making Health Care a Top Priority

WHITEHORSE – Brad Cathers, MLA for Lake Laberge, announced more details today of his vision for making health care a top priority.

“My vision for health care includes working with Yukon health care professionals to determine the needs and agree on priorities for our hospitals, health centres, continuing care facilities, and EMS stations,” said Cathers.

Brad’s vision for improving our health care system if elected as Leader of a Yukon Party government includes these action items:

• Make health care a top priority.
• Ensure proper funding for the Yukon Hospital Corporation every year.
• Work with Yukon health professionals to set priorities for new equipment, technology & improved facilities.
• Invest in reducing wait times for Yukon patients.

During the Leadership Election Campaign, Brad will be reaching out to health professionals across the Yukon, and listening to their ideas and priorities.

“If I am elected as Leader, we will invite health professionals to help the Yukon Party build an election platform that sets out a clear plan for improving our health care system, and meeting the needs of Yukon citizens now and for years to come,” stated Cathers.

Brad’s experience in government includes serving as Minister of Health and Social Services. When he held that portfolio, the government worked with public servants and health professionals, and took action to improve the Yukon’s health care system including:

• 811 Yukon Healthline started.
• Telehealth network expanded to all Yukon communities.
• $12.7 million Health Human Resources Strategy – with bursaries for doctors, nurses, and other health professionals that have helped 158 Yukon students since 2006.
• Family Physician Incentive Program for New Graduates started, to encourage doctors to move here.
• Increased funding for the Yukon Hospital Corporation.
• New continuing care beds opened.

“The current government has fumbled the ball on Yukon health care,” noted Cathers. “If I am elected as your Leader, a Yukon Party government will work closely with our health professionals and the organizations representing them, and with the Yukon Hospital Corporation, to improve our health care system. We will also ensure that patient feedback helps guide those decisions.”




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