Yukon party leadership campaign

Voting by Preferential Ballot Explained

Voting in the Yukon Party Leadership Election is by preferential ballot. If you have any questions about how a preferential ballot works, here’s an explanation.

The online voting system means that votes are counted electronically – but it’s easier to visualize how it works by describing how it works with paper ballots.


So, here’s how that would work:

Step One

The ballot box is opened, and elections officials look at the ballots. On each ballot, they look to see which candidate is marked as number “1”. The ballot is added to that candidate’s pile.


When all the ballots are in one of the three piles, they count the number of ballots in each candidate’s pile.


At the end of counting, if one candidate has more than 50% of the ballots in their pile, they are declared the winner.


If no candidate has more than half the ballots in their pile, counting proceeds to Step Two.


Step Two

The candidate who has the smallest number of ballots in their pile is eliminated.


The elections officials look at every ballot in that candidate’s pile, and see if the voter marked a number “2” choice on the ballot. If they did, the ballot is placed in that candidate’s pile.


When all these ballots have been checked, elections officials count the ballots in the two remaining candidates’ piles. The candidate with the most ballots in their pile is declared the winner.


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