Brad Cathers

Yukon Party MLA for Lake Laberge

Congratulations to my friend Currie Dixon on his election as the new Leader of the Yukon Party, and to my friend Linda Benoit on her campaign.

Thank you to everyone who supported me in the Yukon Party Leadership Election! Together, we came just 35 votes short of the 50% mark in the final count. I am honoured by your support for me, and my vision for the Yukon. And a special ‘thank you’ to my campaign team for the many hours you spent helping me.

This leadership race demonstrated the health and growing strength of the Yukon Party.

I received the 3rd highest number of votes of any leadership candidate in Yukon Party history – but came second to a strong candidate who had even more support.

We had a record high number of Yukon Party members for a leadership election, and a 96% voter turnout. This growing wave of support and interest in the Yukon Party is great to see, and a good sign that many Yukoners are ready for a change in government.

Thank you to all the volunteers who made this election happen, and congratulations again to Currie and his team.

As I said during the leadership campaign, I am committed to continuing to serve as MLA for Lake Laberge, and to running in the next territorial election. I look forward to working with Currie and Linda as part of a strong Yukon Party team.

Please join me in supporting Currie as our new Leader of the Yukon Party, and in helping him build the team and the platform for the next territorial election.


Brad and his horse

Brad announcing the purchase of two new state-of-the-art ambulances for the Yukon